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React Native News

We keep a close eye on the latest React Native news and send you the most important bits.

React Native Tutorials Newsletter

It can be difficult to keep up as a React Native dev - there are a myriad of different resources and websites to learn new techniques and hone your skills, it can be difficult to know where to look.

We curate the best tutorials - in both written and video form - and send them out to our subscribers, so you get the best ones sent to your inbox, without having to go looking.

React Native Resources & Projects Newsletter

The React Native ecosystem is constantly evolving - new libraries are popping up all the time and existing ones are regularly updated.

We’ll keep an eye on exciting new libraries that could help you in your projects - as well as let you know if there are major updates to commonly used libraries, so you can keep your apps up to date.

React Native Jobs Newsletter

Looking for your next job opportunity? Each email includes a list of remote or hybrid React Native jobs from around the web that could be of interest to our subscribers.

React Native developers are in high demand - so it’s always a good idea to keep on top of potential opportunities. We’ll send the best ones directly to you so you don’t need to spend hours trawling through different job sites.

Exclusive Atom Lab Discounts

We’re building tools that help React Native developers get more done - we’re currently working on Elements, a template and component library built with Tailwind CSS that helps you build apps in record time.

Our newsletter subscribers will receive exclusive discounts for Elements and any other products we release in future.

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