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UK based React Native specialists

We’re an app development studio based in the UK, specialising in React and React Native development. For us, React Native is our key focus - we’ve written tutorials and even created a component library to help people get started with the platform.

Put simply, we believe that React Native is the best option for businesses who require a cross-platform application, without sacrificing performance and usability. This is what we strive to help our clients deliver.

Why build your app with React Native?


React Native allows you to target multiple platforms from a single codebase - there’s no need to rewrite your app multiple times.


As you only have a single codebase to worry about, your app becomes more maintainable. No more worrying about multiple projects with multiple dependencies.

Fast & Cost Effective

Your app can be built much more quickly - and for less cost as a result.

Native & Performant

React Native apps are truly native - no more embedded web views. Your app will run natively on each platform and can be optimised for performance.

Always bet on Javascript

React Native apps are built with Javascript and React, making them easier for most frontend developers to work on.


React Native has a large and growing community, with many libraries available. If you have a problem, you will most likely be able to find a solution.

What platforms does React Native support?

React Native supports iOS, Android and the Web out of the box - but it can also be configured to support MacOS, Windows, Apple TV and Android TV.

We can build your app for one or all of these platforms, but as you can imagine, the more platforms you target, the more complex your application will become to build and maintain - so you shouldn’t target platforms for the sake of it. Instead you should prioritise the platforms your customers would expect to find you, and that make the most sense for your particular application.

iOS, Android and the Web are the easiest platforms to target as a rule, and will be the starting point for most clients - as they can be built for using Expo which reduces the complexity of initial development as well as future updates.

Not sure which platforms you should target? We’re more than happy to lend our advice.

React Native development for startups

React Native is an excellent option for startups as it can significantly reduce your time to market - you can build your MVP from a single codebase and target multiple platforms straight out of the gate.

Additionally, when the time comes to hire developers to work on your project, you’ll find it easier to hire due to React Native being based on Javascript and React rather than Swift and Kotlin - frontend developers are much more likely to be familiar with these languages.

We love working with startups. Whether you need a minimum viable product to get your idea off the ground - or someone to help your team ship new features that your users will love - we’re happy to help.

React Native development for agencies

If you’re a digital agency and need help delivering a React Native project - either because you don’t currently have the in-house expertise or simply don’t have the capacity - we’re here to help you get it done.

We can work with your team to deliver a cross platform project that your clients will be delighted with.

UI/UX Design for React Native Apps

Many of our clients have a design they want to implement for their app, but what if you don’t have a design that’s ready to be built?

Don’t fret - we can provide UI/UX design that will ensure your app works responsively on all platforms and respects native guidelines on each platform.

As we’re React Native developers, we have an intuitive understanding of the platform and understand what works and what doesn’t - as a result the design and development processes can happen in sync rather than there being lots of back and forth, resulting in a faster delivery time and lower cost.

React Native upgrade service

Upgrading a React Native application to the latest version is crucial to ensure good performance and security - but it can be a pain to say the least. If you’re struggling for feeling intimated by the process, get in touch and we get you up and running with the latest and greatest version.

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