Freelance React Native Developer

I provide React Native development services to busy agencies and startups, helping them deliver projects on time and in budget.

React Native freelancer & consultant for hire

I’m a React Native developer based in the UK. I have over a decade of development experience (half of that specialising in React Native). I’m passionate about creating beautiful user experiences that work across a range of devices.

Custom mobile app development for startups

I love working with startups. Whether you need a minimum viable product to get your idea off the ground - or someone to help your team ship new features that your users will love - I’m happy to help.

Freelance React Native developer for agencies

If you’re a digital agency and need help delivering a React Native project - either because you don’t currently have the in-house expertise or simply don’t have the capacity - I’m here to help you get it done.

I can work with your team to deliver a cross platform project that your clients will be delighted with.

Cross platform development

Although React Native is commonly thought of as a mobile framework, nowadays it’s much more than that. Modern React Native can be used to create apps for the following platforms, all from a single codebase:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • The Web
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV

This makes it the ideal solution if your application needs to target multiple platforms - rather than having to rewrite your app for each platform, you only need to write once, saving you time, money and complexity.

React Native upgrade service

Upgrading a React Native application to the latest version is crucial to ensure good performance and security - but it can be a pain to say the least. I can provide a fixed price upgrade service (price dependant on the complexity of your application) and get you up and running with the latest and greatest version.

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